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Pre-normative Study for IPv6 Testing
Posted by: Jordi on Friday, August 08, 2003 - 11:40 AM
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ETSI has published the "Pre-normative Study for IPv6 Testing" Technical Report.

The main objective of this document is to investigate the need for and the scope of conformance and interoperability test specifications to support the European Commission's IPv6 deployment goals, the IPv6 Forum's "IPv6 Ready" certification programme and ETSI's own needs for IPv6 testing (including 3GPP).

The document has three main technical goals:

1) to contribute to making the IPv6 testing process more flexible, efficient and cost-effective by the development of an IPv6 test suite development kit based on TTCN-3;

2) to identify the priorities and Areas of Interest for testing;

3) to propose work packages that can be used as a basis for making proposals for STFs to perform the work identified in the present document.

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