Final Countdown for the Next Global IPv6 Summit, Worldwide IPv6 Task Forces and IPv6 Cluster Meeting
Tuesday, May 10, 2005 - :55 PM
Topic: 6DEPLOY
Posted by: Jordi

The next Global IPv6 Summit will be held in Barcelona, June 6-10th. This international event will also be the meeting point for people all around the world involved in the deployment of IPv6, including groups such as the IPv6 Task Forces and the IPv6 Cluster.

After the success of the three previous "Madrid Global IPv6 Summit" events, this latest event will highlight that IPv6 is already being deployed.

On this occasion, the event is jointly organized with the Internet Global Congress (IGC), in Barcelona, in order to provide a much more complete view of the progress of IPv6 in a broad spectrum of ICT sectors.

Complete information at Market Wire and ArriveNet.

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