Moonv6 Project Pushes for IPv6 in North America
Wednesday, October 22, 2003 - :11 AM
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Posted by: Jordi

Moonv6, a collaborative project to build and demonstrate the U.S.'s largest-ever IPv6 network, completed initial interoperability testing last week at the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL). Organizers of the Moonv6 project believe that while adoption of IPv6 in Asia and Europe has been a forgone conclusion for several years now, a great deal of doubt has persisted in the North American market. The Moonv6 project aims to change this by launching the most aggressive IPv6 event in the North American market to date.

The primary IPv6 test event held last week involved approximately 80 servers, switches and routers configured in dual stack mode, with IPv4 and IPv6 running in tandem. The tests verified basic connectivity and interoperability of various routing, switching and tunneling applications in an IPv6 environment and demonstrated the performance of new IPv6 protocols including RIPng, OSFPv3, iBGP4+ and eBGP4+.

The Moonv6 network will continue to serve as a proving ground for use by industry, universities, research labs, Internet providers, the DoD and other government agencies, assisting in wide-scale deployment of IPv6 throughout North America. Click here to see the complete article.

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