IPv6 Task Force Recommends Fast Change to New Internet Protocol
Friday, October 07, 2005 - :33 PM
Topic: 6DEPLOY
Posted by: Jordi

The Austrian IPv6 Task Force is dedicated to the Internet of the next generation (IPv6). Its primary goal of the past few months was to draw up a roadmap to reflect the recommendations relevant to the introduction of IPv6 with ISPís (Internet service providers), companies and the public administration.

On the initiative of Telekom Austria's technology head Helmut Leopold in his role as president of the task force, the document was drawn up on the basis of the results of the five working groups. Within the framework of the working groups a series of trials were installed, to test the suitability of IPv6 in daily use.

Complete info at Pressetext (in German), also available in English at the Austria Telekom site.

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