Official Recommendation on IPv6 Deployment for France
Friday, November 21, 2003 - :12 PM
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Posted by: Jordi

In conjunction with the opening of Networld+Interop Paris 2003 on 19 November, the French IPv6 Task Force presented to Claudie Haigneré, Minister for the department of Research and New Technologies in the French Ministry for Finance, Economy and Industry, its official recommendations for establishing a strategic plan to develop and deploy IPv6 technologies for the country.

"Our ministry completely supports the promotion of IPv6 in France, hence the financing as well of the French IPv6 Task Force activities. At the same time, our national university and research network, RENATER, is currently carrying out deployment and innovation on IPv6 at the national as well as European level. We are also heartened by the fact that several leading French companies have been the engines for initiating European research programs on IPv6. The Task Force’s recommendations reinforces the guidelines I gave at CIGREF (meeting of the Information Technology Club of large French enterprises) 2002, calling for the progressive deployment of IPv6 to begin without delay. Therefore, we will certainly take into account the recommendations, to plan a migration of the State’s public information services towards IPv6", said Claudie Haigneré. See the complete report. The press release is available here.

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