RIPE NCC announces IPv6 Tunnel Detection Tool
Monday, November 24, 2003 - :21 AM
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Today, many IPv6 networks are based on tunnels. Traceroute6 is one of
many tools used to assess route vectors and latency. However, IPv6
tunneling undermines the validity of Traceroute6 because it only
delivers results based on the IPv6, and not the IPv4, layer.

The Tunneldiscovery Tool allows users to detect an IPv6 tunnel by measuring the MTU size [RFC 1981] over an entire path and displaying it in a table. In the case of IPv6 tunneling, the MTU size will be decremented by the size of the IPv4 header. If the MTU value between source and destination does not amount to 1500 bytes, which is the normal value for our Ethernet connected test boxes, it could indicate the presence of at least one tunnel in the path. For more information, see here.

The Tunneldiscovery Tool is available here.

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