Report on "Analysis and Recommendations on the Exhaustion of IPv4 Address Space"
Wednesday, August 02, 2006 - :35 AM
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Posted by: Jordi

JPNIC has published a report titled "Analysis and Recommendations on the Exhaustion of IPv4 Address Space".

The original Japanese version of the report was published on 3 April 2006. It was compiled by JPNIC's "Expert Research Team on Number Resources Utilization" which consists of nine engineers and researchers from the Internet Operations area. It reviews some of the recent studies on the lifetime of IPv4 address, provides analysis on impacts of the exhaustion, and offers recommendations on measures to be taken by all stakeholders.

JPNIC with the expert team will keep track of trends concerning IPv4 address exhaustion and revise the report as need arises, in order to provide more precise analysis for further discussions.

Complete report at JPNIC site.

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