Eurov6 project overview
Tuesday, May 20, 2003 - :40 PM
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The Eurov6 project is in line with the current policy of the European Commission, which has recognized the growing importance of IPv6 and has made it a policy to adopt IPv6 for next generation networks.

Eurov6 will build an IPv6 applications and services showcase by bringing together devices and systems vendors as sponsors.

The Eurov6 will act as a catalyst; it will let different interests converge, from users, vendors, operators, ISPs, researchers, universities, IST networks and applications projects.

The objective of Eurov6 is to show the usage of IPv6 products and services and their impact to anyone at anytime; realizing this objective will involve:
- bringing together vendors as sponsors to test and demonstrate their devices and systems,
- showing various users applications based on IPv6 products and services, permanently at a few locations in Europe ("fixed Showcase"), which can be visited physically or accessed remotely through telematic means,
- and organizing temporary demonstrations at different locations and/or significant events (concept of "nomadic Showcase").

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