European Commission hosts inaugural event for IPv6
Saturday, January 17, 2004 - :50 PM
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Posted by: Jordi

European Commission hosts inaugural event to celebrate the launch of the world's first all IPv6 research network.

The European Union has been instrumental in giving political and financial support to the rapid take up of the new Internet Protocol IPv6.

The two-day event is co-organised by the European Commission's Information Society Directorate General and two major EC-funded IPv6 test-bed projects (Euro6IX and 6NET).

At the event, there will be practical demonstrations of IPv6's potential: IPv6 enabled vehicles, including a "satellite car" which can be connected via satellite to IPv6 anywhere in the world, a digital house with lights, blinds, alarms and other systems connected via IPv6 and which can be controlled remotely, and high definition television making use of IPv6 advanced multicasting capacity.

Click here for the complete press release.

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