Consulintel releases "6-Plug", the 1st world-wide IPv6 automation system
Tuesday, January 20, 2004 - :13 AM
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Posted by: Jordi

Consulintel, a leading Spanish SME, announces the availability of the 1st worldwide service for automation and remote control, based on IPv6.

Up until now, home automation systems, and in general remote control, monitoring and surveillance, have not been wide-spread mainly due to the fact that they have required expensive leased lines or direct dial-in to the system to be controlled.

Even with today’s Internet, there are a number of difficulties, which do not allow straightforward solutions for such systems. The difficulties basically revolve around end-to-end security and addressability.

IPv6, the new version of the Internet Protocol, overcomes these difficulties by allowing every individual device to have its own IP address. As a consequence of IPv6, any device can be directly addressed and therefore contacted, in a secure way, by the 6-Plug system.

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