AfriNIC position on the future of IP number resources
Saturday, August 04, 2007 - :05 AM
Topic: 6DEPLOY
Posted by: Jordi

After considering the situation of the IPv4 central pool exhaustion and the analysis paper published by AfriNIC staff in April 2007, The AfriNIC Board approved in its last meeting an action plan for the staff to intensify its awareness campaign on the issue and advise network operators in the region to make their network infrastructure IPv6 ready as soon as possible.

Resolution [#200707.01]: "Noting the imminent exhaustion of the IPv4 address central pool, the AfriNIC Board resolves that efforts to draw the public's attention to the problem and potential solutions such as IPv6 be intensified, and instructs the staff to take appropriate action in this regard". In line with this resolution, the following document has been sent to our members.

Complete information at AfriNIC web site.

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