Routing in Next Generation Workshop
Thursday, September 27, 2007 - :53 PM
Topic: 6DEPLOY
Posted by: Jordi

The RiNG (Routing in Next Generation networks) project supports the coordination, study and analysis of Internet routing protocols, with a particular focus on either new approaches to routing or changes to existing routing protocols that may support future Internet growth.

As part of its activities, RiNG is hosting an open routing workshop in Madrid, Spain. The event is principally aimed at PhD students working in the area of Internet routing architecture and protocols, but is open to submissions and presentations from any interested researchers. The aim of the workshop is to allow young researchers to present their work in a formal yet friendly environment to their peers and a selection of academic and industry experts from the routing research community. We also expect two keynote speakers to take part in the event.

Complete information about the Call for Papers and Workshop at the RiNG web page.

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