Wireless Cabin project overview
Wednesday, May 21, 2003 - :12 AM
Topic: 6DEPLOY
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The WirelessCabin project is developing wireless access technologies for a aircraft cabins. Several access technologies in the cabin are envisaged for passengers: UMTS for personal telephony and packet data, Bluetooth and W-LAN for IP access. The Bluetooth interface will also be used for transport of UMTS services.

The project will define a system architecture for wireless access (UMTS, W-LAN and Bluetooth) in an aircraft cabin. The passenger will have the possibility to use its own personal equipment (mobile phone, laptop). For this, the project will develop a service integrator that maps the cabin services on a satellite bearer to be connected to the terrestrial infrastructure.

The concept of the wireless cabin access will be demonstrated in flight via satellite using an Airbus long-haul aircraft. The cabin services will provide mobility, VPNs and AAA functions which need to be developed for the mobile users.

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