xMotion project overview
Wednesday, May 21, 2003 - :17 AM
Topic: 6DEPLOY
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Requirements emerging from the nature of safety and security providing organisations operating in varying degrees of emergency (in particular communication and information needs) will be specified and used in the scenario service tests. The services in the tests will be enabled by three main technologies: mobile middleware, location-based services, and video-streaming.

Mobile wireless middleware has to provide access to 2.5 - 3G telephony technology. This technology shall be optimised concerning bandwidth and package transportation. Mobile Middleware that guarantees a maximum of performance will be used. The applications that will be designed or adapted have to be attached to mobile middleware. Besides Ipv4 technology, the new IPv6 has to be evaluated as transport protocol. Technologies for location-based services have to be tried and compared. Provision of a proven 2.5G mobile network and set-up of en experimental 3G network to make it for 3 trial scenarios possible to perform a field test on the basis of a realistic network. Measurement equipment will be used to record the load of the Network.

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