The United Nations wants a big piece of the Internet
Saturday, March 27, 2004 - :59 PM
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Posted by: Jordi

At a summit here this week, delegates from around the world gathered to take a preliminary step toward U.N. involvement in some of the areas that are bedeviling Internet users and governments alike, including spam, network security, privacy and the regulation of the technical underpinnings that control the sprawling global network.

Although ICANN is the most visible target, the summit also highlighted long-simmering resentments that developing countries have harbored against their wealthier counterparts. Because of decisions made during the early days of the Internet, for instance, China has been allocated only 9 million global Internet addresses, less than Stanford University's total of 17 million or IBM's total of 33 million. Over the next few years, however, adoption of IPv6 will eliminate these disparities.

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