Promoting IPv6-related research with IST Results
Monday, August 09, 2004 - :42 PM
Topic: 6DEPLOY
Posted by: kmist

Want to spread the word about your IST project and its results or progress?

IST Results is an online editorial service established by DG Information Society to raise the visibility of IST Programme-funded research, support projects' access to markets and encourage uptake of ICT innovations into everyday use.

Through in-depth project features and news in brief, the IST Results service reports on success stories, interim and final results as well as products and services with a significant potential for exploitation or seeking venture funding.

By submitting information to IST Results you can promote your project’s news, successes and achievements free of charge to a wide range of key audiences or potential users, e.g. information relays, investors and technology brokers, new technology users or the press.

Take a look at the IST Results website to see how some projects of the IPv6 Cluster have been featured in the past. All feature articles and news items are written by an editorial team based on information provided by projects – so take advantage of IST Results and provide us with some interesting leads!

Find out more at IST Results or contact the IST Results Helpdesk at Tel. +352 428001 or via the helpdesk email.

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