IPv6 marches forward
Sunday, December 12, 2004 - :26 AM
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An excellent InfoWorld article By David L. Margulius December 10, 2004 on the uptake of IPv6 in Asia and its potential impact on the rest of the world.

The next-generation Internet Protocol could spark a new generation of embedded and mobile network applications. This just in from the strange-but-true-deployments department: Hundreds of cows and taxicabs in Japan have their own unique IP addresses.

Recently, cows in Gifu prefecture were tagged with tiny networked devices to wirelessly track their movements and body temperatures for health and breeding purposes. And in Nagoya City, taxis were fitted with Internet-enabled sensors on their windshield wipers, allowing dispatchers to continuously monitor rainfall via wiper speed and to dispatch more cabs to the wetter neighborhoods.

Overkill? Wasteful? Maybe -- if we were talking about todays technology. These two projects were designed not merely as gimmicks, but as part of a Japanese government plan to promote adoption of the next-generation Internet Protocol, IPv6."

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