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OverDRiVE project overview
Posted by: istadmin on Wednesday, May 21, 2003 - 09:57 AM
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The European research project OverDRiVE (Spectrum Efficient Uni- and Multicast Over Dynamic Radio Networks in Vehicular Environments) aims at UMTS enhancements and coordination of existing radio networks into a hybrid network to ensure spectrum efficient provision of mobile multimedia services. An IPv6 based architecture enables interworking of cellular and broadcast networks in a common frequency range with dynamic spectrum allocation (DSA).

The project objective is to enable and demonstrate the delivery of spectrum efficient multi- and unicast services to vehicles. OverDRiVE addresses resource efficiency by sharing network and spectrum resources. OverDRiVE will:
  • Develop a vehicular router, providing multi-radio access to a moving intra-vehicular area network (IVAN). The concepts rely on Mobile IPv6 extensions for mobile networks.
  • Develop and demonstrate efficient IPv6 mobile multicast techniques (MMC).
  • Provide mechanisms for spectrum sharing between systems using Dynamic Spectrum Allocation (DSA) according to the actual load. OverDRiVE will investigate system coexistence in one frequency band.
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