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SixXS IPv6Gate 2.0: See the Dancing Kame over IPv4
Posted by: jeroen on Friday, July 30, 2004 - 02:26 AM
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The SixXS IPv6Gate has been renewed and is now available in it's 2.0 incarnation. You never saw the famous Dancing Kame? SixXS now has a solution for that, next to using a tunnel you can use the new feature of IPv6Gate: IPv4Gate which acts as the counterpart for the IPv6Gate.

While IPv6Gate allows one to access IPv4 websites from IPv6 capable and connected webbrowsers, IPv4Gate allows one to access IPv6 sites from IPv4 websites. As with IPv6Gate this does not require any additional software to be installed and doesn't require one to configure anything. Check the IPv6Gate/IPv4Gate site for more information.
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